Tommy Dunne: Tipperary ‘very positive’ about 2021 prospects

Tommy Dunne: Tipperary ‘very positive’ about 2021 prospects

The Tipperary senior hurling coach expressed his delight at how the team have been preparing individually in recent months
Tommy Dunne: Tipperary 'very positive' about 2021 prospects
Tipperary coach Tommy Dunne. Photo by Brendan Moran/Sportsfile


Tipperary senior hurling coach Tommy Dunne is optimistic about the team’s chances of regaining the All-Ireland SHC title this year.



Speaking on a podcast commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Premier County’s 2001 All-Ireland SHC success when Dunne captained the team and won hurler of the year, the Toomevara man expressed his delight at how the team have been preparing individually in recent months.



“We’re very positive about the year coming up and the next couple of years, to be honest with you,” he told CK Streaming’s Along The Line.



“There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be positive. We’ve a lot of work to do to get back to the top but definitely we still have a great playing group.



“It would help if we knew what sort of a year we were facing into but even at the moment we’re doing a lot of good work in restricted circumstances and getting great engagement from players in a really tough environment to prepare. I couldn’t speak highly of them at the moment.”



Recalling the 2001 success when Tipperary went the whole season undefeated, Dunne praised the management of Nicky English for transforming the way he approached his hurling.



“He was the person who taught me how to be an inter-county player, really. He taught me how to train like an inter-county player, he taught me how to think like an inter-county player.



“He taught me what being a Tipperary player actually involved. I had no comprehension of that even up to ‘99 (when English took over as manager). Only then did I get a proper insight into what an inter-county player was required to have vis-a-vis the physical and mental in particular. I was way off the mark until he came around the place.



“Plus all the other stuff you picked up from just being around him. The way he handled himself in certain situations and the way he handled a big group of players. It was incredible. I still have some of those lessons with me and am fortunate to be able to use them all the time because even though the game has changed, some aspects haven’t changed and will never change. And I think they’re the things that I’m really grateful for.”



Dunne also explained how the sending off of Brian O’Meara in the All-Ireland semi-final replay win over Wexford, which deprived him of playing in the final, motivated the rest of the team to beat Galway.



“You had that factor behind us, where Brian wasn’t involved, and there was no way that match was going to be let go by us unless something extraordinary happened.”



– You can watch the Along The Line interview with Dunne and Brendan Cummins here:






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