Tipperary Supporters Club Under 16 Hurling Tournament

This weekend we can look forward to another feast of top-class hurling in Tipperary with the Tipperary Supporters Club Under 16 Tournament.  Come out and watch the stars of the future in action. 

Clár an lae

16A John Doyle Perpetual Trophy

Saturday,27th August 19, 2011

Group 1  Venue  Templemore                               Group 2     Venue  Holycross

Offaly    v    Antrim      @10.30am                           Clare     v   Dublin        @10.30am

Ref: A.Sherlock(Tipp)                                              Ref:B.Stack (Limerick)

Antrim   v    Limerick   @12.30pm                          Dublin   v   Tipperary    @ 12.30pm

Ref: A.Sherlock (Tipp)                                             Ref: B.Stack (Limerick)

Offaly    v    Limerick    @2.30pm                           Clare      v   Tipperary    @2.30pm

Ref: J.M.Fitzgerald (Kerry)                                      Ref: J. Mullins(Limerick)

Group  3    Venue  The Ragg                                Group 4  Venue   Littleton

Kilkenny      v    Laois         @ 10.30am                  Wexford    v    Galway     @ 10.30am

Ref:F.Horgan (Tipp)                                                 Ref:M. Hassett (Tipp)

Laois            v   Waterford   @ 12.30pm                  Galway      v    Cork         @ 12.30pm

Ref: J.Bermingham (Cork)                                        Ref: J.Mullins (Limerick)

Kilkenny      v   Waterford   @ 2.20pm                     Wexford    v   Cork         @ 2.30pm

Ref: J.Bermingham (Cork)                                         Ref: M.Hassett (Tipp)

Cup semi finals

Winners Group 1          Winners Group 3  

_______________   v______________      in Holycross @ 4.30pm

Winners Group 2           Winners Group 4

_________________  v________________   in The Ragg @ 4.30pm

Shield semi finals

Runners up  Group 1       Runners up Group 3

__________________   v  ______________   in Templemore @ 4.30pm

Runners up  Group 2        Runners up Group 4

__________________   v   _______________  in Littleton     @ 4.30pm

Sunday 28th August (Times may be subject to change)

Shield final

_______________________v   __________________   in Semple Stadium @11am

Cup final

________________________ v  __________________   in Semple Stadium @ 12.30pm

16 B

Group 1 Venue : Templederry                 

Cork             v     Limerick     @ 10.30 am             

Limerick       v    Waterford    @ 12.30pm             

Cork              v    Waterford    @ 2.30pm

Group 2 Venues   Kilcoman (Burgess GAA pitch) & Portroe

Clare            v      Kilkenny @ 10.30 am  in Kilcolman

Tipperary     v     Galway    @ 10.30 am   in Portroe

Kilkenny      v     Galway    @ 12.30 pm   in Kilcolman

Tipperary      v     Clare       @ 12.30 pm    in Portroe

Tipperary      v    Kilkenny  @ 2.30 pm      in  Kilcolman

Galway         v    Clare         @ 2.30pm      in   Portroe

Cup semi finals 

Group  1 winner   v    Group 2 runner up in Pitch “A” in Dolla  (Silvermines GAA Grounds 

 ___________________________    v    ______________________@ 4.30pm

Group 2 winner    v    Group 1 runner up in Pitch “B”  in Dolla

_____________________________  v______________________   @4.30pm

Final @ 6.30pm in Dolla

_______________________________   v   ____________________

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