We  have been informed by Bank of Ireland that, following a review of all their policy on affinity cdit card schemes, the Bank has decided to cease issuing Tipperary GAA Credit Cards. This policy decision extends we believe to many of the other Bank of Ireland affinity credit card schemes also. We understand that the Bank will be writing individually to each Tipperary Credit Card holder next week to inform them of this decision and of the options open to those customers.

We are dissappointed with this decision as the Tipperary Credit Card has generated funds of over €40,000 for hurling in Tipperary and the Card has been very popular with card holders. We were made aware of the Bank’s decision earlier this month and it appears that there is no chance of reversing that decision.

We would like to thank all those who have been involved with this successful fund raising scheme, especially those Tipperary supporters who made it a success by applying for and using the Card. We would also like to thank the staff in Bank of Ireland who were involved in launching the Card and promoting it over the years, both in head office and in the branches in Tipperary, and the Tipperary players and management who helped us in publicising the Card.

We are anxious to built on the goodwill and experience of the Tipperary Credit Card to explore other options for replacement or alternative schemes for fundraising. We would be happy to hear feedback from holders of the Tipperary Credit Card or from other Tipperary supporters about their views and ideas for future activities. In particular, we would ask every Tipperary Credit Card holder to reply to this email by supplying us with their name, address and telephone number so that we can investigate whether an alternative credit card offer can be put in place from another bank. We look forward to hearing from you on info@tippsupportersclub.com .

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