Tipp pay high price on All-Ireland glory trail

By Jackie Cahill

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
SPENDING on Tipperary’s various inter-county teams has hit an all-time high, coming in at over €1.2m this year.
Figures revealed at last night’s annual convention, held in Thurles, revealed the massive price of a memorable season.

But Tipperary officials believe it’s money well spent as they finished the year as All-Ireland senior and U21 hurling champions, while a very first Cadbury Munster U21 football championship success was also secured.

Spending on the various teams topped the €1m mark for a third successive year, coming in at €1,233,392.

That figure is €150,000 higher than 2009.

The rise in expenditure is also offset by an increase in monies collected from fundraising activities, up by over €100,000 this year, from €125,055 in 2009 to €226,827 in the last 12 months.

In the quest for All-Ireland glory, officials splashed out on three training camps for the senior hurlers at Carton House in Kildare, while the senior footballers embarked on a warm weather training camp in Spain.

The senior footballers progressed to the second round of the All-Ireland SFC qualifiers, while the U21 hurlers and footballers enjoyed stellar seasons, with the U21 hurlers winning the All-Ireland for the first time since 1995.

Accountant Gerry Spain told delegates: “Our overall position shows a deficit of €126,000 for the year, compared to almost €60,000 in the previous year. When one looks at the figure of €1.233m on team administration expenses, it’s mind boggling.

“While the county has had tremendous success and won the all-Ireland, one would have to look at the expenses headings and see where savings can be made, in view of the drop in gate receipts, a trend which may continue in the current climate.’’

County board chairman Barry O’Brien vowed: “Officers will be endeavouring in 2011 to ensure that we won’t have a deficit. In order to do that, it’s necessary to decrease expenditure across the board by 7.5 per cent. But it is necessary to look at the figures in light of the year we had.’’

Tipperary’s GAA Presidential candidate Con Hogan added: “The county board is €126,000 in deficit on the year’s work but the divisional boards have a total of €335,000 in the bank. I just wonder if that’s a wise way to be operating our finances.”

Tipperary’s total income and expenditure figures for the 2010 year reveal a deficit of €126,267, compared to a loss of €59,863 in 2009.

Income is down by almost €1.4m this year but expenditure has fallen in tandem by over €1.3m, and three main ‘contra’ items — Insurance and Players injury premiums, match tickets and stadium rent of field —account for over €1.2m.

Tipperary’s 2010 income came in at €5,461,641, down from €6,846,652 in 2009 while expenditure is down from last year’s figure of €6,906,515 to €5,587,908.

County board treasurer Eamon Buckley insisted finances remain in a healthy state overall and insisted that spending on player welfare will not be affected.

He said: “That won’t be touched. We’ll be looking at making savings elsewhere.”

A significant aspect of the financial report is a drop of over €100,000 in local gate receipts, down from €425,063 in 2009 to €323,249 this year. Buckley admitted: “It’s disappointing but the reason the figures are down is because the county final (Thurles Sarsfields v Clonoulty-Rossmore) was down by €50,000 on the previous year.

“Our senior quarter-finals were down around the same figure, but all other gates held up within the county.

One thing we’re looking at for the coming year is a season ticket — one for all county championship games and one for a patron’s own club matches.

We heard all kinds of excuses on county final day — the weather was bad, the price was too much and the opening game (Seamus Ó Riain final) wasn’t what they expected.

“With the season ticket prices, we have no price in mind at this point in time — we’ll sit down with the divisions to discuss the idea further.”

This story appeared in the printed version of the Irish Examiner Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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