O’Shea: ‘Referees are there to give penalties’

O’Shea: ‘Referees are there to give penalties’

Tipperary manager Eamon O’Shea was in spiky mood following his side’s defeat to Kilkenny in the Allianz Hurling League final.

O’Shea was in no mood to entertain reporters following a one-point defeat at Semple Stadium.

One-line answers were delivered in deadpan fashion and O’Shea’s body language hinted that he was unhappy with the manner of Tipp’s defeat.

TV footage has shown that Colin Fennelly’s 11th minute point should have been ruled out while Noel McGrath had a legitimate score ruled out in extra-time. ipp were also disappointed with the award of two penalties against them – both converted by TJ Reid, who scored 2-9 of his 2-11 haul from placed balls.

O’Shea shrugged: “Referees are there to give penalties.”

“I can’t change what happened. What happens in a game happens in a game. You get penalties, you don’t get penalties. I could spend my life worrying about this but I have to move on.
“I’m just really proud of the players – they put in a huge effort.

“I’m not going to be critical of anybody. That’s a game that has to be refereed in real time. I don’t have a problem – I’m just elated with the performance of the team.

“That’s something to be proud of,” said the Tipperary manager.

O’Shea was asked for his initial reaction to the game and if he felt that his side had been unlucky.

He snapped: “It was just a game. We lost the game by a point – I don’t believe in lucky and unlucky.”

And when asked what the difference between the two teams on the day was, he replied: “There was no difference.”

But O’Shea was pleased with his side’s display, adding: “Very good performance – I really thought the players really played well. I thought the performance was outstanding – my players were outstanding. Anybody in this group and criticised this group of players, I think you need to think again.”

O’Shea continued: “I thought it was a great game, a fantastic game to watch and for our players to play in. But we’re just focused on this game at the moment. I’ll think about it during the week. Really proud of the players – thought they were outstanding. They’re good players.”

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