Dean Q Its been a great year for your Club Drom and Inch?
Seamus A Ya it was brilliant. I suppose because we have lost a few Co Finals since I made the senior team in 2005, we lost in 2005, 2007, 2009 & to win it this year made up for all the hurt we had back through the years so twas fantastic. It was great for all the small clubs around to eventually make the breakthrough & hopefully we will have more success in the future.

Dean Q What did it mean to your parish to win the the Co SHC For the very 1st time?
Seamus A It meant the world really because the town teams have a bigger pick & for our small club it’s just massive for us because it’s something we have trying so hard for & we have had so much heartbreak back through the years. This group of players have put in so much effort that it’s fabulous just for small clubs to go down training on a Friday night & the ladies making tea & sandwiches for us & things like that. Where everyone puts their shoulder to the wheel & when you’re from a place like this it just meant so much to everyone for us to win the Coounty Championship. People that have gone before us that have never seen us win the Co Final. We are all just doing it for them, we are the lucky ones to make the breakthrough for a small club & for everyone involved in the parish i’ts been great.

Dean Q Talk to me about the Munster SHC in 2011?
Seamus A Ya we played Cork in the 1st Rd in Thurles & Tipp v Cork is always a great game & we were lucky enough as we were up & down as both teams had chances. We were lucky to come through that game. Then we played Clare down in Limerick & I suppose Clare were severe underdogs as we were the All Ireland Champions & Clare came out of the blocks very quick. They went 1.4 to a point @ one stage & it was kind of worrying but we had great belief in our panel. We could come back from anything & we ran out winners in the end. That was a game that was a bit worrying but with the talent that’s in Tipperary we were blessed to come through there. Then we played Waterford in the Munster Final & that game was a bit false as we won by 7goals. Everything really worked out really well for us that day, but you have days like that. I suppose Waterford just didn’t show up on the day & everything went right for us. The Munster Championship over all we won most games easily enough, but we’re not expecting that to be the way this year. We will be hungry for another Munster Championship this year.

Dean Q Were you dissapointed with the All Ireland Final defeat to Kilkenny this year?
Seamus A Definitely yes as we saw the difference between winning & losing an All Ireland. In 2009 we had the heartbreak of losing & in 2010 we had the joy of winning it. Then in 2011 to lose it again it’s very hard to take. We were very well prepared for that game & everyone from 1 to 15 will be very disappointed as they know they didn’t play to their full potential because we know that if we play to our full potential that we are capable of beating any team. Kilkenny deserved it on the day, we didn’t perform to the best of our ability & that’s something that will drive us on this year to make up for that. Everyone wants to play better this year & we are going to work fierce hard so it’s something to look forward to getting back & putting things right this year.

Dean Q Can Tipp win back the All Ireland in 2012 ?
Seamus A , O definitely I think we can win it this year because there is great underage talent comming through in Tipperary & we bring on 3/4 players every year. When you see all the talent around in the West, South, Mid & the North, there is great talent available. I think we have what it takes to win it & with the great backroom team & Management team that’s in place but it’s going to take loads of hard work from everyone involved if we are to win back the All Ireland. A lot of other teams will believe they can win it but I honestly think that we are going to win it ourselves this year.
Courtesy Tipperary Mid West Radio 104.8

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