GAA Referee Recruitment Tipperary

GAA Referee Recruitment Tipperary

Sean Nugent Chairman of Tipperary County board has recently set up a Referee Recruitment committee for Tipperary.  This is the first such committee in the Country. Its aim is to put a plan in place to meet refereeing needs within the Premier County in the future.

This new committee is being chaired by John Lonergan with representatives from each of the 4 Divisions.  With the growth in popularity of Gaelic Games, the demand for match officials is increasing.  With over four thousand games being played in our county on an annual basis, the role of the referee is a very important cog of the wheel to ensure all games take place.

The role of the committee is to ensure we have sufficient referees to meet the demands in the County.  In the past when someone did the Referee Foundation Course they were left back to their Division for that Division to appoint them as they saw fit.  People have fallen through the net because of a lack of support and encouragement for these people with regular contact.  We also have too many clubs in the County with no Referees at all, we will be asking these clubs to make a special effort.

It is our intention to put in place structures to ensure anyone who does the Referee Foundation Course in the County is appointed to games on a regular basis and seen by the right people to support their progress.  We will need the support of the Divisional CCC’s both Adult & Juvenile along with clubs / schools committees etc. to ensure this is done.

The Co. Referees Administration Committee in Tipperary has adopted a policy that a Referee, who did not undergo In Service/Fitness Assessment/Rules Test in the County in 2014, would NOT be considered for Championship games in the Senior or Intermediate Grade of both Hurling and Football.   It was also confirmed from January 2015 it is compulsory that all referees must complete a Fitness Assessment / Rules test organised by the Co. Referees Committee along with the yearly In Service Training course, to be considered for officiating at games in all grades through this county.  This could well put pressure on numbers but a Referee must be fit enough with a competent knowledge of the rules to ensure the smooth running of games.

The role of the Referee is to apply the rules in order to create conditions for our Games to be played well. The rules spell out the conditions for our Games to be played well; the proper application of the rules with high fitness levels will help to create these conditions.

Getting involved and becoming a referee is an ideal way of staying involved on match day. Like players preparing for the match, you must also put in preparation; knowledge of the rules along with being physically and mentally fit.  Ability to remain calm, courteous, having moral courage, dealing with unfair criticisms is another aspect that the referee must excel in. Refereeing is very rewarding and over the years Tipperary has always produced some top class officials at both County & National level and continues to do so.

The professional and structured approach to ensuring that all referees will be of the highest standard is improving all the time.  If you want to get involved or know someone interested in becoming a referee from 2015, please contact any of the recruitment committee or your club secretary or Co Board officer.  A referee’s course will be organised in early 2015.

Chairman:            John Lonergan email: 086 2417763

Secretary:              Philip Kelly email: 087 2863683

West:                      Stevie O’Donnell: 087 6723109

South:                    Willie Barrett: 087 2261733

Mid:                       Paul Stapleton: 087 7685569


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