Corbett refuses to name and shame

Corbett refuses to name and shame

Tipperary hurler Lar Corbett

DONNCHADH BOYLE -Irish Independent– 08 MAY 2013

A mischievous grin flashes across Lar Corbett’s face when he’s asked about the incident that saw himself and JJ Delaney red-carded during last Sunday’s hurling league final.

Most people in Nowlan Park followed the flight of the ball and missed the incident. He had a front-row seat.

So, what happened, Lar? “I missed it myself,” he smiled. Other than confirming he suffered his broken ribs in the incident with Delaney, Corbett was in diplomatic mood yesterday, referring to the clash as “the confrontation” and generally declining a number of opportunities to elaborate.

Footage, inconclusive as it may be, suggests Corbett was more sinned against than sinner, but he bats that suggestion away too.

“I didn’t get the chance to look back on it so I am not too sure. People are saying that about it but we just want to forget about what happened and concentrate on Tipperary-Limerick in five weeks’ time.

“I know that’s not what you are asking me but that’s what we have to try and do – forget about that and drive on.”

The Thurles Sarsfields man looks set to miss that game against the Treaty county through either a suspension or the broken ribs which may not heal sufficiently before June 9.

“They are saying that it is four to six weeks, but I am not ruling out anything. I can’t sit here and say what will happen in five weeks’ time,” he said.

“I’m going to take every day as it comes. I am going to work with John Casey, the physio, and the back-room team and do whatever it takes to get back as early as I can and give whatever I can offer.

“In sport and in games there are red cards given out and everyone is asking do I feel hard done by, but all of that is out of my hands. I’m not going to get into any discussion on what is supposed to have happened.

“It’s up to the county board and the Tipperary management to decide whatever they want to do and I will accept whatever comes with that.

“As a player my job is to go out and perform. You don’t like red cards but we just have to deal with that.”

Last Sunday put Corbett back in the headlines again, having already endured rumours at the start of the year that he had won the Lotto. He also came in for criticism for spending time in the USA with the GPA in the build-up to Sarsfields’ All-Ireland semi-final clash with Offaly’s Kilcormac Killoughey. But he insists people were looking for excuses after the club failed to fire despite being clear favourites.


“You have to remember people thought I was in America, came back and the plane parachuted me off and I landed outside in Portlaoise,” he said.

“I was back the week before, back a full week. Back on the Saturday and the match was on the following weekend so you could’ve been to Australia and back and no problem.”

Corbett and the Tipp forwards were well-marshalled last Sunday as they failed to find the net, having scored 14 goals in their six leagues games.

Leaving aside Noel McGrath, who operated around midfield, none of Tipp’s starting forwards finished the game, with manager Eamon O’Shea removing four of his attackers, while Corbett was dismissed.

“You have to put it down to Kilkenny’s performance,” Corbett conceded. “They performed very well and when you take on Kilkenny you are not going to get anything handy in Nowlan Park. I suppose it looked like maybe they were getting their scores a bit handier in the second half.”

Corbett was held scoreless but feels he’s in better shape than he was 12 months ago when he came out of retirement just before that start of the championship.

“I suppose being out for that long it wouldn’t be fair to say I got to 100pc last year. I missed a fair shot of time so you are always going to that bit off,” he said. “So I’m delighted to have had the league and the confidence that comes with playing games and getting through games.

“Hurling is all about confidence. Some days you have confidence, some days you lose it, but it is definitely good for confidence to have the league behind you.”

Corbett was quick to praise the role of O’Shea after Tipp produced a promising spring.

“He gives great confidence to the players and we just feed off that. As regards anything else, I don’t know, but he gives individuals great belief; no matter who you are, he gives you great belief in yourself.

“I don’t think there is too many people in life that can get you up and give you confidence like that. He just gives it all the time so it is our job to try and give back as much as he gives us.”


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