Cats didn’t target Corbett, declares angry Brennan

Cats didn’t target Corbett, declares angry Brennan

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Former Kilkenny star Eddie Brennan has defended his county’s attitude on the pitch and claims Lar Corbett’s injury did not happen after the tussle with JJ Delaney and Eoin Murphy in the league final win over Tipperary.

By John Knox Irish Examiner

“I think it was unfair to suggest after the league final that the Lar Corbett injury was anything other than accidental,” he said in response to suggestions that Kilkenny had a special plan to deal with Corbett and there was a tough edge to their game.

“This sort of situation arose with Kilkenny in the past when it was suggested they played on the edge. This time things were pushed a little further, which was unfair.

“The way I would term Kilkenny’s physicality is that they are physically competitive for the ball. Kilkenny are the most physically competitive team out there. They battle for every ball. Being competitive and being physically dirty are two very different things.”

The eight-time All-Ireland medal winner is the first Kilkenny person to speak out about the incident.

“I looked at the video again. Lar Corbett didn’t get the injury in the incident with Delaney,” said Brennan.

In the run-up to Sunday’s opening championship outing against Offaly, the former All Star encouraged Kilkenny to carry on regardless.

“The one thing they cannot start doing now is thinking ‘oh, should I go easier maybe’. Certainly not,” Brennan insisted. “Hurling is a full on game. You can’t hold back. They have to focus on tackling, and make sure every tackle is on the button. You can’t allow this sort of thing inhibit your game.”

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