As part of the 125 year celebrations for the greatest amateur sporting organisation on earth, Baker Security and Networks, which is responsible for managing the GAA’s email system, would like to make a presentation to the GAA museum. As befits a new era for the Association, this presentation will be of the form of an electronic map showing the location of every GAA club in the world. The map will have more than the club location however, we hope it will form part of the living history of the organisation and to make it possible they need your help. They need you to tell them about your club, its past, present and heroes. Put your name at the end of the piece you write, or get some help and put all your names down, and you will forever become part of the history of the GAA. Later on we hope you will be able to upload photographs and other interesting details about your club. To submit your information go to the following website  and follow the instructions. All clubs will have received an email advising them of this very interesting venture.

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