Junior News 31 August and tips from Eamonn Corcoran

This week’s winner is Niamh Ryan from the Nenagh Eire Óg Camogie Club.

This week’s draw
This week’s prizes are a Tipperary Supporters Club Baseball Cap and a Tipperary  Supporters Radio.

Congratulations to the Tipperary Under 16 hurlers and the management team on winning the All Ireland Championship last Sunday in Semple Stadium.  The team had a good win over Dublin in the final and retained the trophy which Tipperary also won last year.  The trophy was presented by Joe Tuohy, Secretary of the Tipperary Supporters’ Club.  You can read more about the match and the tournament on the Tipperary Supporters’ Club website www.tippsupportersclub.com  and on the Tipperary County Board website http://tipperary.gaa.ie/ .

Well done also to the Tipperary Under 15 and Under 14 teams who were runners up in the finals of their competitions last weekend.


Best of luck to the Tipperary Minor Hurling Team in their ESB All Ireland Final against Cork this Sunday in Croke Park where they will bid to retain the Irish Press Cup which they won last year.

The Tipperary Minor Hurlers will return to the Premier County on next Monday evening at 6:00pm. In keeping with tradition, the homecoming will take place on the steps of Thurles Cathedral where the team will be formally welcomed by the Patron of the GAA, Archbishop of Cashel and Emly Dr. Dermot Clifford. It is hoped that a sizeable crowd will turn out to welcome home the players and backroom team and we hope that the Irish Press Cup will also grace the steps of the Cathedral. Win or lose, supporters are asked to come early if possible to Thurles and all are welcome.

We had some problems registering new members on the website earlier this week.  Apologies for any trouble this may have caused you or your friends.  It is now working again so please encourage your friends to register their membership.

We are delighted that this week’s tips are from Eamonn Corcoran (JK Brackens).  Eamonn had a marvellous season with the Tipperary Senior Team at right half back and his club have recently qualified for the next round of the County Senior Championship where they play Burgess.

Eamonn says: "Thank you for joining the Tipperary Supporters’ Club as a Junior Member.  Here are some tips which I hope will help you with your hurling and camogie.

       1. Overhead striking and batting : This drill can be done with two or three participants. Strike the ball in between two players, getting one player to contest the ball, batting it, while the other player will double on the ball. This drill can also be done with just two players. One player strikes the ball into the air in front of the other and he/she bats the ball back or alternatively strike the ball into the air and the second player doubles on the ball.
    2. Close ball control/ Dribbling : This drill requires 5 cones. Place the cones in a straight line with a distance of two metres between each. Dribble the ball in and out between these cones and around the last cone and bring the ball back to where you started from. This will help close ball control and will help to free the ball away from a crowd into an open space where it can be cleared or scored.
    3. Run : Using the same cones at the same distances apart, solo the ball in and out between each cone and back towards the starting point where the player can handpass the ball to the next player in the group. This drill can help each player with ball control, improving feet movement and also helps the player to make space and get a strike away.Solo
These skills will help each payer to move the ball at speed much to the benefit of his/her team and will also help make space for clean striking from defence or in attack which are very important in a high speed game like hurling."

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