Junior News 20 July and tips from Diarmaid Fitzgerald

This week’s winner is Cathal Hurley from the Fethard club.

This week’s draw
This week’s prizes are a Tipperary Supporters Club Baseball Cap, a Tipperary Supporters Radio and in addition 3 free passes to the recently opened Empire of Fun, Gurtavalla Business Park, Tipperary Town.   Empire of Fun is a great play house for kids with a lovely coffee shop for parents which has plenty of magazines to browse through! Get more info on Empire of Fun by calling Kieran Ryan on 062 52568 or 51257. Please support our sponsors.

This week’s hurling tip
For all our new members this is last week’s tip from Darmaid Fitzgerald (Roscrea).  Diarmaid says: "Thank you for becoming a Junior Member of the Tipperary Supporters’ Club. All the players really appreciate your support. Please encourage your friends to log on to www.tippsupportersclub.com also.

First of all this is a section on useful Tips & Advice:

  • Get rid of bad habits from a young age. I used to use the wrong grip myself and my primary school principal made me change and after a few months it had improved my skills hugely!
  • As you improve work on areas where you are weak such as striking on the weak side. Don’t just do what your good at when practicing against a wall.
  • When roll and jab lifting try get ball in the hand before it comes higher than knee height. Much safer and easier to prevent being dispossed.
  • Drink lots of water before, during and after training and try do this always. On the skills
  • Practicing skills against a wall is brilliant but don’t just strike from the good side and catch as some people do. Practice weak on the side, catching low and high balls first time with no extra touch on hurl, batting high balls, handpassing against a wall and kicking as when avoiding getting hooked.
  • In the field practice sideline cuts regularly. 
  • With a group of three in the field all thirty to forty yards apart in a straight line strike on the ground to work the player in the middle. Switch after 1 minute and repeat twice for each player. "

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