Junior News 17 August and tips from Benny Dunne

This weeks winner is Anna Godfrey from Newcastle in England.  Anna is our first female weekly winner and our first winner from outside Ireland.

This week’s draw

This week’s prizes are a Tipperary Supporters Club Baseball Cap, a Tipperary  Supporters Radio and in addition a special prize of three free passes to Empire of Fun, Gurtavalla Business Park, Tipperary Town.  Empire of Fun has loads of activities for kids as well as a coffee shop for adults, where they can have a relaxing complementary read of the magazines so everyone is happy!  You can get further details on Empire of Fun from Kieran Ryan on 062 52568.   Please support our sponsors.

If you did not win this week you will still be entered in to the weekly draws until the end of August.   Also, every Junior Member can still win the Star Prize of a Special Coaching Session in your Club for your team given by members of the Tipperary Senior Hurling Panel.

The draw for the Star Prize will take place in September and an email will be sent to all Junior Members at that time with the result. The winner’s name will be posted on the web site and we will contact them to arrange the date of the session. 

All Ireland Final for Tipperary Minors
Congratulations to the Tipperary minor hurlers and to the management team of Declan Ryan (Manager),  Tommy Dunne (Coach), Michael Gleeson and Liam Cahill (Selectors) who beat Kilkenny in the All Ireland Semi Final and now play Cork in the All Ireland Final. The match will take place in Croke Park on Sunday 2nd September before the Senior Final between Kilkenny and Limerick.  Both games will be shown live on RTÉ.

This week’s hurling tip
This week’s tip is from Benny Dunne (Toomevara), who captained the Tipperary Senior Hurling team this year and in 2005.  He has won 5 County Senior Hurling titles and 2 Munster hurling titles.  Benny has played 28 times for Tipperary Seniors and has scored 4-25.  Benny says: "All the players are very happy to encourage our young supporters and to help out the Tipperary Supporters’ Club with the Junior Membership scheme.  The more supporters that log to on to www.tippsupportersclub.com to register for their FREE membership the better.  

Below are some tips which I feel are necessary for the development of any young hurler.   The skills of the game of hurling will never change so it is important to repeatedly practice all these skills on a daily basis.  The more you perfect these skills the better player you will become.  

Basic Skills:

1)  Roll lift /  Scoop lift is a very basic skill but it is very important to perfect both types.

2)  Striking including ground striking, striking from the hand and striking from the hurley.  Practice this skill at home against the wall and challenge your reactions, you will notice your first touch improving at the same time, a tennis ball is ideal for this session, ensure a clean strike from the hurley each time.

3)  Hand Pass,  You will need a partner with you for this standing opposite about 10 yards, take 2 steps forward and give crisp handpass using the fingers to guide ball flight, practice time and time again, make sure you’re not standing still while giving the handpass as an opponent will be able to dispossess you.

4)  Hooking & Block Down, you will also need a partner for this.  Mark out a square in the local pitch, youre not allowed outside the marked out zone.  Get your partner to try to strike the ball whilst you either block him down or hook him depending on what position youre in.  Make sure 2 hands are on the hurley when blocking down & keep your eye on the ball.  Timing is the key factor when youre trying to perfect the hook.

These are the key skills in the game, remember ‘PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT’. "

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