Junior News 10 August and tips from Tommy Dunne

This weeks winner is Sean Hogan from the Lorrha club.

This week’s draw

This week’s prizes are a Tipperary Supporters Club Baseball Cap, a Tipperary  Supporters Radio and in addition a special prize of a free copy of the new Bainisteoir hurling manager game.  See below for details or click on www.hurlinggame.com . The game has been developed by a Tipperary company, Tailteann Games, in Nenagh .   Please support our sponsors.

This week’s hurling tip
This week’s tip is given by Tommy Dunne, who captained Tipperary to become All Ireland Senior Hurling Champions in 2001.  Tommy says: "The minor players and management are very grateful for the backing we receive from the supporters and from the Tipperary Supporters’ Club.  Please encourage your friends to log to on to www.tippsupportersclub.com to register for their FREE membership.  I have a few tips outlined below, I hope they are useful for the Junior Members.

1. Practice the basic skills as often as possible i.e. rising the ball at
speed, catching the ball at speed, striking the ball at speed, ground striking
etc.  It is good to have a partner with you for these exercises and
alternate the exercises.  Focus on crisp striking, the more of it you do the
‘easier’it will become for you.

2. Catching a high ball: This is an important skill that needs constant
practice.  You will need a partner for this drill to feed you high balls.
Tip: You must keep your eye on the ball all the time.
Get used to putting your hand up over your head to catch the ball.  After a
while when you improve use your hurley to protect your hand when you are
catching the ball.  This skill requires a lot of concentration so keep at it!

3. The ‘First Touch’: This is so important in hurling.
Again with your partner, about 20yds apart, start hitting the ball low and
hard to one another.Try to get the ball under control with just one touch from your hurley.  If the
ball bounces just catch it in your hand as normal.  This is a skill that
requires constant practice.

4. The most important ‘tip’ of all: Make sure to ENJOY YOUR HURLING!"

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