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This interview with Eoin Kelly was won as a prize by Eamonn Troy, who is a Junior Member. Eamonn met with Eoin and put to Eoin questions which had been sent in by Junior Members. You can join as FREE Junior Member on www.tippsupportersclub.com .

1. Who was your favourite hurler growing up?

Question from: Eamonn Troy, Ballinastick, Coalbrook, Thurles and Andrew Ormond, Forest, Templemore.

My favourite hurler growing up was Nicky English. He was Tipperary’s outstanding forward of his time. I used to like him because he used to take the frees and he was always good for a goal in any Tipperary match.

2. How many hours each week do you train?

Lorcan Troy, Ballinastick, Coalbrook, Thurles and Fiona McEniry, Mortlestown, Cahir,

We train Monday for an hour and a half in the gym. We train Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with the Tipperary team together. So all together I train four to five hours a week.

3. (a) Who is your favourite hurler now?

Eoin Troy, Ballinastick, Coalbrook, Thurles.

My favourite hurler now would be Tommy Walsh of Kilkenny for the reason that he can play in the backs, midfield and forwards.

(b) Did you always want to play as a forward?

Yes, the reason I always wanted to play in the forwards was from watching Nicky English scoring the goals and the points. He was a top class forward so I always wanted to play in the forwards.

4. I would like to ask Eoin does he eat a lot of pasta? They say it is good for energy.

James O’Connell, Magorban, Fethard.

I eat loads of pasta. Before every game with Tipperary, league or championship, we get pasta and chicken and there’s no sauce! It’s very good for energy so I think that’s the diet that every hurler should be on.

5. (a) Who was the toughest opponent you ever played against and why?

Cathal Bourke, Cloneyharp, Clonoulty, Thurles.

Every opponent is tough but my toughest I’d say was Ollie Canning from Galway. The reason is that I was corner forward and he was corner back and he scored a point from play! I got a lot of slagging on the team bus on the way home from my team mates. They were saying that I hadn’t done too badly as I had held Ollie Canning to a point!

(b) Who was the greatest influence in your hurling career?

The biggest influence would have to be my parents, anything I ever wanted like a hurley, a helmet, a sliothar or a pair of boots they would always get it for me and I will always remember that.

6. What is your favourite sporting memory?

Katie Corbett, Ballybrien, Ballymcarbry, Co. Waterford.

I have two favourite sporting memories: winning the County Senior Hurling Championship with Mullinahone in 2002 and Tipperary winning the All-Ireland Senior title in 2001.



I suppose I showed signs of making the county team when I was 15. I was goalkeeper for the Tipperary minors and then I played out the field. That was the start and then to maintain it the main things are looking after yourself, eating properly and training very, very hard and that’s the reason.

8. What is his most treasured medal that you have won?

Pa O’Dwyer, Clareen, Ballycahill, Thurles.

There’s two in particular; the County Championship medal won with Mullinahone in 2002 and the All-Ireland medal won with Tipperary in 2001. If I had to make a decision between those two I would definitely pick out the County Championship medal with Mullinahone because a lot of the lads on the team I would have grown up with and gone to school with.

9. If Tipperary had been in the All Ireland Senior Final, how would you think we would have performed against Kilkenny?

Denis O’Connell, Glenduff, Kilcommon, Thurles.

I think we would have done very well. Kilkenny would have been the favourites, they never like playing Tipperary and Tipperary have a good record against them in All-Irelands and I think the last two times we played Kilkenny, this year in the league and last year in the league we beat them so we would have had a great chance but hopefully it will come sooner rather than later, next year.

Thanks very much Eamonn and best of luck with your hurling career!

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