Interview with Eamonn Corcoran

Interview with Eamonn Corcoran by Niamh Ryan, Junior Member of the Tipperary Supporters Club on 14 October 2007

Niamh Ryan, Nenagh Éire Óg: How do you manage to play so well year after year?

The most important things are to go to every training session and to train hard and look after yourself.

Was it fair that Tipperary had to play on 6 Sundays in a row this year?
Every player in Tipperary was happy to play for 6 Sundays or more in a row. Playing is better than training sessions for a team.

Liam Coman, Naomh Jude, Dublin: Why are you so good at sideline balls?

It’s down to practice. A number of players like Daragh Egan, Hugh Maloney, Diarmaid Fitzgerald and myself would go in 15 minutes early to the training session and practice on sideline cuts only for that time.

Do you think that many of the players from the Tipperary Minor and under 16 teams which won All Irelands will make it to the Tipperary Senior Team?
Yes, I’d be very hopeful that a number of those players would become good senior players. Already this year Pa Bourke and Tom Stapleton have come through and I would expect others to do the same. Those teams have some great players such as Noel McGrath.

Frank Ryan, Cappawhite: What do you expect from the new Tipperary Manager, Liam Sheedy?
I know Liam well as we work together for Bank of Ireland Lifetime. Liam is a very popular choice in Tipperary and I know how professional a manager he is. When Eoin Kelly and I carried the hurleys for the minors in 2006 we were very impressed with the approach that Liam had as a manager.

What is your favourite hurling ground?
Semple Stadium has the best atmosphere and the best pitch. Even hurlers from outside Tipperary agree that Semple Stadium is the best venue.

Paddy Dalton, Arravale Rovers: Do club players get to play enough matches?

I think that there are probably not enough games for club players. The club is the most important part of the GAA.

How often do you train with your club?
I would train with my club at least twice a week once the inter-county season is over. While county training is going on I would attend the club training sessions.

Sinéad Coman, Naomh Jude, Dublin: I play Camogie matches in the morning. What are the best things to eat and drink before playing a match?
I always eat a good breakfast even on non-match days. Before a game I would usually eat chicken and pasta. I would not eat within an hour of a match.

What do you think of the idea of having an under 19 Championship instead of a Minor Championship and an under 21 Championship?
I think that it is a great idea because there is a big danger of young players being burned out through playing minor, under 21 and senior, sometimes in both football and hurling.

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