Good news for anyone looking for information on G.A.A. matters in the county back to 1970. The Yearbook Committee have just completed the indexing of information in all the Tipperary G.A.A. Yearbooks from 1970-2006. The index will provide a great service to all researchers. The information is contained in three files. The first lists the members of the Yearbook Committees during the period. The second contains all the articles included over the thirty-six years. The articles are arranged alphabetically by the year and can be accessed by entering the name of the article or the author. The third file lists all the obituaries, 1006 in all, also arranged alphabetically by the year. This is a huge reservoir of information on the deceased members of the G.A.A. in the county. A copy of the CD with the indexed files will be presented to the County Library in the near future.

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