Cummins, Fitzgerald, Fitzhenry amongst Poc Fada line up…



The M Donnelly All Ireland Poc Fada Final which takes place this coming Saturday the 2nd of August on Annaverna Mountain Ravensdale County Louth boasts a high quality range of hurlers and 2007 Champion Tipperary goalkeeper Brendan Cummins will have quite a job to hold onto his title.

Brendan  holds the 5km Course Record with 48 pocs returns to the Mountain and he will be highly fancied to take the title, however 1999 and 2001 Champion current Waterford manager Davy Fitzgerald will also hope to have a say on the destination of the Corn Setanta, which is given to the All Ireland Champion along with their All Ireland medal. Interestingly Munster Poc Fada Champion Adrian Power from Waterford will be taking on his manager and the outcome of that personal duel will be worth waiting for.

Runner up to Adrian in thhe Munster Poc Fada Brendan Mc Namara, no stranger to the mountain course always comes to Annaverna quietly confident.

Ulster Poc Fada Champion Graham Clarke will be endeavoring to claim this All Ireland title for a first time. The Down goalkeeper has gone so close on quite a few occasions. Leinster Champion Shane O Connor of Offaly visits the mountain again and he no doubt will have benefited from his previous experience. Galways John Garett. 

Dan McAuliffe, a member of the Milwaukee Hurling Club in the USA participates in the event.  This marks the first time that an American-born player will be competing in this top GAA hurling contest. Dan is sure to attract a lot of attention and the hurler is determined to challenge for honours. Ruairi Convery from Derry also makes his first visit to the mountain as does Dublins Fintan O Brien, both hurlers being runners up in their Provincial deciders.

Galway’s James Skehill finally makes it to the mountain after having had to cry off at the last moment on two previous occasions. Damien Fitzhenry  Wexford former all star and all Ireland winning goalkeeper makes a welcome return to the mountain.

M Donnelly All Ireland Camogie Poc Fada

The M Donnelly all Ireland Camogie Poc Fada Contest will also take place on the day and Carlows Lyndsey Condell returns to the Annaverna Mountain and the 2007 Champion renews rivalry with Waterfords Patricia Jackman who she defeated last year by  a matter of yards. Galway senior player Susan Earner takes on the mountain for the first time as does Aideen Mullan from Derry. Crossmaglen club player Geraldine Daly flies the flag for Armagh whilst Orla Mc Kenna represents the host county Louth. Yvette Cully from Westmeath will take on the moutain for the first time. She is expected to make a strong showing.



1961 Vincent Godfrey [ Luimneach]
1962 Ollie Walsh [Cill Chainnigh]
1963 Three Way Tie Ollie Walsh [Cill Chainnaigh] Tom Geary [Port Lairge] Dinny Donnelly [An Mhi]
1964 Oliver Goff [Cill Chainnigh]
1965 Dennis Murphy [Corcaigh]
1966 Fionbarr O Neill [Corcaigh]
1967 Fionnbar O Neill [Corcaigh]
1968 Fionbarr O Neill [Corcaigh]
1969 Liam Tobin [Port Lairge]
1970 –1980 Competition Suspended
1981 Pat Hartigan [Luimneach]
1982 Gerry Goodwin [Tir Eoghain]
1983 Pat Hartigan [Luimneach]
1984 Ger Cunnigham [ Corcaigh]
1985 Ger Cunningham [ Corcaigh]
1986 Ger Cunningham [Corcaigh]
1987 Ger Cunningham [Corcaigh]
1988 Ger Cunningham [Corcaigh]
1989 Ger Cunningham [Corcaigh]
1990 Ger Cunningham [Corcaigh]
1991 Tommy Quaid [Luimneach]
1992 Albert Kelly [Uibh Fhaili]
1993 Albert Kelly [Uibh Fhaili]
1994 Michael Shaughnessy [Gaillimh]
1995 Michael Shaughnessy [Gaillimh]
1996 Michael Shaughnessy [Gaillimh]
1997 Colin Byrne [Cill Mhantain]
1998 Albert Kelly [Uibh Fhaili]
1999 David Fitzgearld [An Clar]
2000 Colin Byrne [Cill Mhantain]
2001 Albert Shanahan [Luimneach]
2002 Davy Fitzgerald [An Clar]
2003 Paul Dunne [An Lu]
2004 Brendan Cummins [Tiobraid Aran] – 48 pocs new record
2005 Albert Shanahan [Luimneach]
2006 Brendan Cummins [ Tiobraid Aran}
2007 Brendan Cummins [ Tiobraid Aran}


2004 Stephanie Gannon [Gaillimh]
2005 Denise Lynch [Clar]
2006 Mary Henry {Iarmhi}
2007 Lindsey Condell  (Ceatharlach)

All Ireland Poc Fada Pairs Contest

1983 Joe Shortt (Armagh) Tommy Quaid (Limerick)
1984 Justin McCarthy (Cork) Michael Shaughnessy (Galway)
1985 Ger Cunningham (Cork) Donal O’Brien (New York)
1986 John Kelly (Offaly) Tommy Quaid (Limerick)
1987 Des Donnelly (Antrim) Christy Ryan (Clare)
1988 Vincent Moore (Kildare) Michael Shaughnessy (Galway)
1989 John Conway (Kerry) Michael Shaughnessy (Galway)
1990 Des Donnelly (Antrim) Tommy Quaid (Limerick)
1991 Tommy Quaid (Limerick) Michael Shaughnessy (Galway)
1992 Michael Shaughnessy (Galway) Albert Kelly (Offaly)
1993 David Fitzgerald (Clare) Michael Shaughnessy (Galway)
1994 Johnny Masterson (Meath) Michael Shaughnessy (Galway)
1995 Liam Shinners (Tipperary) Michael Shaughnessy (Galway)
1996 Paul Dunne (Louth) Niall Linnane (Galway)
1997 Colm Byrne (Wicklow) Kevin Coulter (Down)
1998 Seamus McMullan (Antrim) David Fitzgerald (Clare)
1999 Ian Scallan (Wexford) Brendan Cummins (Tipperary)
2000 Ritchie Burke (Galway) Christy O’Connor (Clare)
2001 Liam Shinners (Tipperary) Albert Shanahan (Limerick)
2002 Graham Clark (Down) David Fitzgerald (Clare)
2003 Paul Dunne (Louth) Tom Finn (Wicklow)
2004 Brendan Cummins (Tipperary) & Albert Shanahan (Liimerick)
2005 David Fitzgerald (Clare) & Damien Fitzhenry (Wexford)
2006 Brendan Cummins (Tipperary) & Eoin Kelly (Tipperary)
2007 Pat Mulanny (Laois) Shane O Connor (Offaly)

Poc Fada  Craobh na hÉireann


Brendan Mc Namara                         Clare 

Brendan is back again for another attempt at this All Ireland title. The Munster Poc Fada champion should be in fine fettle for this 2008 contest.

Adrian  Power                              Waterford

Adrian back on the mountain as Munster Poc Fada Champion will no doubt be quietly confident that he can challenge for the All Ireland title.
Shane  O`Connor                            Offaly 

Shane makes his second appearance on the mountain and put in a terrific display last year. That experience will bno doubt stand him in good stead                     
Fintan O Brien                            Dublin

This is Fintans first trip to the mountain, however the Dublin hurler  is expected to make a bold attempt.   He will be determined to make a strong showing     

Dan McAuliffe,                  Milwaukee USA

Dan McAuliffe, is a member of the Milwaukee Hurling Club in the USA .This marks the first time that an American-born player will be competing in this top GAA hurling contest. Dan is sure to attract a lot of attention and the hurler is determined to challenge for honours.

James Skehill                    Galway

James a goalkeeper visits the moutain for the first time. He was to participate in this event  on two other occasions but had to cry off due to last minute hitches. He will no doubt be up for the task in hand as he tackles this 5km course.

Graham  Clarke                             Down

Graham the current Ulster Poc Fada champion and holder of the Fr Pól Mac Seain trophy has been over the past few years a regular contestant in this great hurling contest. He again will be amongst the fancied hurlers.
Ruairi Convery                        Derry 

Ruairi appears at the Poc Fada here on Annaverna for the first time. The Derry hurler like all other first time contestants will hope to ensure that his first visit is a victorious one.

Davy Fitzgerald                                    Clare 

The holder of two Poc Fada titles Davy has always been a great supporter of this unique hurling contest. The All-star goalkeeper and current Waterford manager will be fancied to be up amongst the front-runners for this 2008 All Ireland Contest.                         
Brendan  Cummins                             Tipperary 

Brendan the Tipperary goalkeeper, is the reigning champion and is hoping to make it three in a row. He is in good stead and relishes the challenge of this mountain course.   Brendan has been a great friend to this event and a worthy champion

John Garett                                           Galway

The Galway hurler  faces a formidable task on his first visit to the tough 5km mountain course. John will no doubt be determined to challenge for honours.

Damien Fitzhenry                                      Wexford

Damien makes a welcome return to the mountain  and he should make a strong showing in this All Ireland event

                                  M DONNELLY ALL IRELAND CAMOGIE POC FADA 2008

Geraldine Daly Armagh

Orla McKenna Louth

Lyndsey Condell  2007 Champion Carlow

Susan Earner  Galway

Patricia Jackman  Waterford

Aideen Mullan  Derry

Yvette Cully Westmeath


M Donnelly All Ireland Under 16

Eamon Murphy (Dunhill) Wasterford
Conor Cox (St Patricks) Wicklow
Jonathan Daly (Clarenbridge) Galway
Christopher Convery   Derry

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