Cork fined €1,300 for breaking rules


13/06/2008 – 12:10:08 PM 

The GAA’s Central Competitions Control Committee have hit the Cork County Board with a fine for rule-breaking at Pairc Ui Chaoimh during last Sunday’s Munster SHC game between Cork and Tipperary. While the issue of crowd control is still being investigated, the CCCC have asked the Rebels to fork out 1300 after they broke game regulations governing officials and sliotars. The CCCC met at Croke Park on Tuesday morning and issued the Cork County Board with the fine for contravention of match regulations six and seven. A breach of regulation 6, which saw a Cork hurley carrier supplying to goalkeeper Donal Og Cusack during the game, ensured an 800 fine. Hurley carriers may only enter the pitch to replace a hurl and they are not permitted to carry sliotars. A generous supply of sliotars in the goalmouth area did not do Cusack or the Cork County Board any favours either, with the Rebels fined 500 for this breach under Regulation 7. Under that regulation, only silotars approved by CLG which display the official GAA stamp may be used, while goalkeepers are not permitted a private supply of sliotars in the goal area. Umpires also have the authority to control the supply of sliotars to the goalkeeper and to confiscate if necessary non-approved sliotars. The CCCC have also hit out heavily at water carriers encroaching onto pitches since the start of the senior provincial championships last month. A total of 14 teams have been hit with fines of €400 each for breaking regulation 6 (g), which governs the rules about water carriers. The Meath footballers are the only team to have breached this rule twice, during their games against Carlow and Wexford in the Leinster championship. Breaches of this rule alone will see the CCCC collect the tidy sum of 6000 in combined fines. 28 games have already taken place in the 2008 championships, with the CCCC indentifying breaches of match regulations in half of those matches.

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