The format for the County Senior Hurling Championship for 2009 was agreed at last week’s County Board Meeting. It is broadly similar to 2008 with the most significant change being that the 2 Ó Riain Cup finalists will be allowed re-enter the county championship at the stage prior to the Dan Breen Cup quarter finals. The championship will be run on the following basis:
Stage 1: Each division will play down to semi-finals according to its own championship structures and to meet the County Competitions Control Committee’s timeframe.
Stage 2: Divisional semi-finals will be played and the Ó Riain Cup will be played down to 8 teams with no repeat pairings from the Divisional championships allowed.
Stage 3: The Divisional finals and the Ó Riain Cup quarter finals will be played. Again no repeat pairings will be allowed in the quarter-finals.
Stage 4: The first round of the Dan Breen Cup and the Ó Riain Cup semi-finals (no repeat pairings if possible) will be played. There will be 12 teams in the Dan Breen Cup 1st round comprising the 8 defeated Divisional semi-finalists and the 4 Divisional finals runners-up. There will be an open draw with no repeat pairings from the divisional championships. Extra time applies in all games up to but not including the semi finals.
Stage 5: There will be 8 teams – 6 winners from the Dan Breen 1st round and 2 Ó Riain Cup finalists. Again it will be an open draw with no repeat pairings if possible.
Stage 6: The Dan Breen Cup Quarter Finals – 4 Divisional Champions and 4 winners from Dan Breen Cup 2nd round. The Divisional Champions will be kept apart and there will be no repeat pairings if possible.
Stage 7: The Dan Breen Cup Semi-Finals
Stage 8: Dan Breen Cup Final and Ó Riain Cup Final. 


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