Brennan pleased with Congress changes


GAA President Nickey Brennan was delighted with the votes made by Special Congress on Saturday and said ‘quite frankly it has gone better than I thought it would.’

With the two main votes, namely Antrim and Galway moving to the Leinster hurling championship and the changing of disciplinary rules both going through, Brennan was understandably happy.

Speaking on the hurling changes, Brennan highlighted the fact that the changes were only for three years and their long-term feasibility would be gauged at a later date.

"It’s a different championship for the next year, that’s for sure. What happens after that, I don’t want to prejudge. I believe it will be proved to be a good decision," he said.

"We’ll leave the long-term viability for others to decide. People know my views on it, it’s been in the back of my mind for years since I first raised it at Leinster.

"I’m particularly pleased that at long last we have a structure that’s good from Antrim and Galway’s point of view and what happens in 3 years time, all I can tell you is that it is the intention of (new President) Christy Cooney that for the 2011 Congress he will be able to either put what is passed as a permanent change or an amended version of it."

As for the disciplinary changes, Brennan revealed that the decision to change the proposals to be run as a trial for the National Leagues before being made permanent at a vote at Main Congress were made on Friday night because he felt the vote would be close.

"It was going to be tight. I suspected it was going to be tight," he said.

"So I raised the issue of experimenting last night and I think I got the mood of Congress right. It was almost 100% in favour. We’ll see what comes out of it now.

"It’s not finished yet I’m afraid though. There is work to do to monitor what is going on and probably more important than ever to engage with the counties and see what they are saying.

"We will give these a fair crack of the whip and if they refining or adapting then that will happen," he concluded.

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